Cake Snobs Welcome

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At Carefree Patisserie, we are creating cake snobs every day with our cakes baked fresh to order. We pride ourselves in making a moist, delicious cake with a rich texture. Alone, our cake is good enough to make your mouth water. But once we add our special buttercream made from scratch with real butter, you will quickly be proud to call yourself a Carefree cake snob. Please note that we can turn most of your favorite cupcakes into a cake as well. For example, the Lime Margarita cupcake can be turned into a cake by using the margarita cake, triple sec filling, and then vanilla buttercream on the outside. Get creative!

Some of Our Favorite Combos

As you start dreaming up your next cake combination, here’s some inspiration...

  • White almond and chocolate cake with raspberry filling
  • Chocolate cake with fudge filling and mint chip buttercream
  • Lemon cake with cream cheese icing for filling and vanilla buttercream
  • White almond cake with cherry buttercream for filling and almond buttercream

Two layer, round cakes

  • 8 inch – 14 servings, starts at $32
  • 10 inch – 22 servings, starts at $44
  • 12 inch – 34 servings, starts at $54
  • 14 inch – 50 servings, starts at $66

Two layer, square cakes

  • 8 inch – 18 servings, starts at $38
  • 10 inch – 26 servings, starts at $52
  • 12 inch – 40 servings, starts at $66

Two layer, sheet cakes

  • ½ sheet – 35-40 servings, starts at $52
  • Full sheet – 54-62 servings, starts at $74